Sunday, 14 June 2009

Goshi building 10a: the stone and mudbrick of this home are now mixed together, and rubbish has got stuck to and mixed in with the stone and mudbrick. I think the broken stone on the centre right, with (what looks like) a divot in it, may have been a door pivot.

A common nationalist argument is that these mudbrick homes were not destroyed; mudbrick decays, and the buildings disappear. But even decayed and collapsed mudbrick forms a mound, like this one; so, when the mudbrick building disappears, and no mound remains, it implies deliberate disappearance.

And some of the bricks are still in shape, and stuck together: they are evidence that even when abandoned and neglected mudbrick buildings do decay and collapse, their remains are still visible, and identifiable, for years. They refute nationalist denial.

Goshi building 10b: a door pivot, broken in two?

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